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“If we haven’t been there, then it is on our list.”

We are going after the Travel Lifestyle

Hi, we are Jim & Tania and we’re all about creating the location independent lifestyle, living our dream, and inspiring others to live theirs. Thanks for stopping by!

Join us as we figure out location independence as we go! As we follow our dreams and do what we love, we hope you will be inspired to do the same!

For the last twenty (or so) years we’ve swung between some pretty crazy alternative living adventures and the “American Dream”. After the last few years of being relatively stationary, we are getting back to the nomadic lifestyle of exploration, discovery, and service that we love.

We’re ditching the idea of working our lives away in hopes of someday traveling and seeing the world, we’re doing it NOW. Whatever it takes.

Our latest...

Bacalar… Vamos a la Playa

Today we explore Bacalar. The lagoon, also known as the Lake of Seven Colors, the town, the food, and then we’ll spend a little time sky gazing as we get to experience 2019’s Super Blood Wolf [...]

Dzibanche Mayan Ruins

Not far from Bacalar, and only about an hour and a half from Chetumal, lie the Mayan ruins of Dzibanche. Quintana Roo’s hidden gem and decidedly our favorite of the Mayan ruins we’ve visited so far.

Where are we now?

Come Along For the Ride!

We are documenting this journey as we once again pry ourselves from the clutches of the status quo, as we ditch the ‘rat race’ (we’ve never really gotten along with it anyway), and as we take the leap into the great wide open of possibility.

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