We are Jim & Tania.

We have been a lot of places and done a lot of things, and we are not done yet!

We love getting out to see the world and discovering new places… the more off the beaten path, the better! That is who we are and what we do. We started traveling as sweethearts before the kiddos came along. Then the kids came, and we just took them with us! Now they are grown and we are faced with this new chapter in life and realize that we just want to travel more! We would love for you to come along as we set out to discover more of the world, deep culture, down and dirty.

During our lifetime together we’ve swung between some pretty crazy alternative living adventures and the “American Dream”. After the last few years of being relatively stationary, we are getting back to the nomadic lifestyle of exploration, discovery, and service that we love!

We’re ditching the idea of working our lives away in hopes of someday traveling and seeing the world, we’re doing it NOW.

Join us as we figure out location independence as we go! As we follow our dreams and do what we love, we hope you will be inspired to follow your dreams, too!

Meet Jim and Tania from At Home On The Go

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