$25 Airbnb Gift Card Giveaway


Are you a fellow Nomad? Heart full of Wanderlust and head full of dreams?

Is your bucket list as long as ours? If you haven’t been there yet, then it is on your list?

If so, then for sure it is Destiny that has led our paths to cross! We are so glad you found us!

Hi, We are Jim & Tania and together we are AT HOME ON THE GO. We’ve spent years exploring this planet together with our two (now grown) kids, but it hasn’t been enough to satisfy the wanderlust. We want more!

We are launching a new adventure! Once again, we are going nomadic. Sounds to us like cause to celebrate so we are giving away some goods!

We invite you to join us.

Follow along on the journey and take part in the conversation!

We love to travel, and so do you. We want to travel more and we know there are a lot of others out there that dream of the same thing.

Come along and be inspired! We’re sharing tips for transitioning to a nomadic lifestyle as well as the travels and adventures that we are having along the way as we get a handle on figuring out a new vlog.

Enter as many times as you can… Best of luck to everyone!

PS –

If you are new to Airbnb,

We invite you to sign up through this link. Doing so gets you a little travel credit for your first stay with Airbnb, and we get a little too for our next trip… thanks!

Once you are finished with today’s entries,

Here are a couple posts you might like to check out…

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  • Jim & Tania

    Thanks so much for participating! We are seriously looking forward to dishing up some awesome travel lifestyle inspiration. Just curious, what kind of content would you most like to see?

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