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Author: Jim & Tania

SteriPEN Review: Never Again Have to Filter Water in the Backcountry

I’ve used pump filters, pills, and the filters built into water bottles. When it comes to portable water purification, none of them compares to the SteriPEN. Pumps are larger, heavier and take up precious cargo space for multi-day backpacking trips. They are also quite a bit of work and take a lot of time – especially when you’re in a group with many bottles to fill. Pills make the water taste nasty. Most filters I have used are both expensive (for those that meet our rigorous needs) and limited in use and capacity. From an environmental waste perspective, UV light is definitely the lowest impact and most...

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Wilderness Camping at Flapjack Lakes, Olympic NP

Fifteen miles roundtrip and 3900′ elevation gain. We had just two days available and we wanted to make them count. Figuring Flapjack Lakes is listed in our Day Hiking Olympic Peninsula trail book, how bad could it be? That being said, more than once on the trail I said to myself, “What the f*** was I thinking!? This view better be worth it.” It was. Flapjack Lakes, Olympic National Park We chose Flapjack Lakes as our Mother’s Day weekend wilderness camping trip. It can be done as an all-day hike and is probably much more enjoyable on the trail without loaded...

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Montana Maiden Voyage – Beautiful Images from Big Sky Country

Once upon a time, we got really tired of the rat race and decided to sell it all and migrate to the easy going land of Montana. Big Sky Country. A magical place where people wave with all five fingers and time just seems to go slower. Mountain time. These are photos from our maiden voyage to Montana in search of a piece of land where we could settle and raise our two kids. We ended up not staying there forever, but we stayed long enough that our daughter considers herself a Montana girl. The day I am posting these...

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Blackbird Island, Saint George’s Caye, Belize – Airbnb Private Island Escape

Private Islands are a Thing! Who isn’t intrigued by the idea of their own private island?! Getaway, unplug, decompress. We could all use a little time off-grid. Maybe a private island is on your bucket list, or maybe you never really thought it possible. Either way, we are here to tell you it is entirely within reach, and Airbnb makes it so easy! We just returned from ten days exploring the beautiful country of Belize (curious what it cost?) and our private island excursion was not only one of the highlights of our trip, it was the perfect way to...

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BELIZE Bucket List

Monkeys, Mayan ruins, and little thatched huts on white sandy beaches. We have our plane tickets to Belize booked and we leave a week from today. Maybe we are cutting it a little short on planning this time but that’s okay, between the Central American jungles and the Caribbean Sea, there are plenty of options of things to explore in Belize. Help us figure out what is worth doing and what is not.

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