Blackbird Island, Saint George’s Caye, Belize – Airbnb Private Island Escape

Private Islands are a Thing!

Who isn’t intrigued by the idea of their own private island?! Getaway, unplug, decompress. We could all use a little time off-grid.

Private Tropical Island Getaway - Blackbird Island, Belize, St George's Caye Airbnb

Maybe a private island is on your bucket list, or maybe you never really thought it possible. Either way, we are here to tell you it is entirely within reach, and Airbnb makes it so easy!

Go Ahead... Get Yourself an Island! Blackbird Island, Belize - Airbnb Private Island Escape (41)

We just returned from ten days exploring the beautiful country of Belize (curious what it cost?) and our private island excursion was not only one of the highlights of our trip, it was the perfect way to decompress from the rat race and plunge into some much needed downtime.

Welcome to Saint George’s Caye

Well, not exactly. The little island that we called home for three days neighbors Saint George’s Caye but doesn’t actually have a name of its own. At least not according to Google. That may be because it didn’t even exist that long ago. Don’t ask us how, but if you look at the history on google maps it only showed up around twenty years ago. Known locally as Blackbird Island (not to be confused with Blackbird Caye) this is a private island getaway that we would recommend to anyone. This place is for those who want an amazing private island experience they will not soon forget.

Go Ahead... Get Yourself an Island! Blackbird Island, Belize - Airbnb Private Island Escape (34)

We purchased some food to last a couple days but actually it turned out to be way too much. The kitchen was stocked with the all the basics – coffee, creamer, oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, plus staples for cooking up anything we brought with us or happened to catch during our stay.

St Georges Caye Resort is just a short kayak ride across a narrow channel and calm water. If you let them know in advance (24 hours or so) they will gladly receive you for dinner. They will definitely welcome you for drinks and a walk around the island anytime. Don’t miss the Saint George’s Caye Aquarium and its host, Ophelia, who gives visitors a personal tour! She is a treasure, to be sure, not to mention the local sea life she looks after.

The personal side of Airbnb

The hosts for our island home-away-from-home were extremely gracious and went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable and complete. This is a family run place. We didn’t meet Raymond (the official Airbnb host) during our stay, but he was helpful with information via the Airbnb app leading up to our arrival. Raymond’s sister-in-law Sharlenie and Captain Kamil were the ones to meet us at the docks and shuttle us to the island.

Once there, they showed us around and helped us get settled. Sharlenie and Kamil are both very enjoyable to visit with. They introduced us to Jose, the Spanish speaking caretaker and answered any questions we had making sure we knew where everything was, especially the toys.

Go Ahead... Get Yourself an Island! Blackbird Island, Belize - Airbnb Private Island Escape (84)

Oh yeah, the toys! This is where the family comes for their holidays and you can tell they have fun while they are there. Two kayaks, snorkeling gear, fishing gear, and a couple of underwater sea scooters. They also left behind a beautiful telescope for viewing the night sky.

Go Ahead... Get Yourself an Island! Blackbird Island, Belize - Airbnb Private Island Escape (5)

Caribbean Beauty

The house is a work of art in itself as the décor is centered on a beautiful stained glass window reflective of the surrounding reefs and nautical environment. The attention to detail throughout the spacious and comfortable home is impeccable. They do all the work themselves and are working on restoring this place to ideal Caribbean beauty. Rich woodwork, boat ties for door handles, and beautifully painted drawer pulls are just a few of the details that make this place unique.

Around the ‘Neighborhood’

After a good night’s rest, we kayaked across the channel for a morning exploring the charming and historically rich Saint George’s Caye. A walk along the island and a visit to the aquarium followed by an icy drink at the bar was a nice introduction to this part of the world. There we met Leo, the best bartender in Belize, as far as we are concerned. He mixes up some nice tropical cocktails, but that is the least of his talent. You can see his artwork all around the lounge area, and if you plan ahead you might even be able to take some home in the form of a real quality tatt. Check him out here or on his Instagram.


Our afternoon was spent on the boat with Captain Kamil. He treated us to snorkeling and fishing around Gallows Point Reef. We brought our catch home to Jose, the on-site caretaker, who generously prepared it for us in the outdoor kitchen.

Jose keeps the grounds immaculately manicured and is timely in powering on the generator on a schedule, but also fired it up in momentary times of need. He surprised us with a special treat of fresh coconuts from the island’s many trees and a bottle of ‘coconut juice’ on our first day. Careful… island life, a person could get hooked on this.

Do we have to leave?

Can’t we just stay here forever?

Go Ahead... Get Yourself an Island! Blackbird Island, Belize - Airbnb Private Island Escape (82)

All in all, this was an unforgettable experience with amazing people in a place with unmatched beauty. These guys are brand new on Airbnb and the calendar is wide open, for now. Get in on it while you still can. Tell them we sent you!

Here is the Airbnb listing… book it!

Whole Island & Home, Exclusive

St. Georges, Belize, Belize

A private island, on the reef, snorkeling, scuba, paddle boats, fishing, scuba and many attractions for enjoying a private island in the Caribbean Sea and historic capital of Belize.

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Do you dream of experiencing your own private island? What’s on your bucket list?

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You know you want to... Go ahead, Get Yourself a Private Island! Blackbird Island, Saint George's Caye, Belize, Caribbean Private Island Adventure


 Private Tropical Island Getaway - Blackbird Island, Belize, St George's Caye Airbnb

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      I believe Hanna’s Stables is no longer hosting travelers. It very well could be the same about Blackbird Island. Bummer!

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